If you watched tonight’s “Big Time Rush” premiere of “Big Time Single,” you got a first look at the newest promo for the upcoming “iCarly” episode “iLost My Mind.” Did you miss it or do you want to watch it over and over again? Check it out below, as well as a behind-the-scenes video show creator Dan Schneider uploaded today.The promo gives us a look at Sam’s struggle between hating and loving Freddie – checking herself into a mental hospital. Gibby’s antics, Spencer in drag, and a step closer to making Sam and Freddie a couple – what more could you want?Go to to see!“iLost My Mind”This is the sequel episode to the controversial “iOMG” episode where Sam gave Freddie a pretty serious kiss. “The Big Bang Theory’”s Jim Parsons (Sheldon) will guest star in the episode as a mental patient who thinks he comes from the future.“iLost My Mind” will be the first of four episodes that will follow the Sam and Freddie story, followed by “iDate Sam and Freddie,” “iCan’t Take It,” and “iLove You.” There is no information on the plots of these episodes, but based on their titles alone we can tell they are going to take the relationship in a whole new direction that you won’t want to miss.

iCarly” star Miranda Cosgrove tweeted yesterday that the “iCarly” crew finished filming the hit show’s 4th season. They had been filming the season since May. The 5th season of “iCarly” is set to begin filming next year.

Could Carly (Miranda Cosgrove) and Sam (Jennette McCurdy) be speaking about Sam’s future with Freddie (Nathan Kress)? Sam and Freddie have always worn red and blue during Seddie moments, mixing to make purple. The flower in Sam’s hand is purple. Did Freddie give Sam the flower to show his love?


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