sam is tested in a new pearpod app to see your mood and her mood is: IN LOVE and at the end her crush is revealed freddie carly thought it was brad(comedy)


Scene1arm wrestle
SAM:i'm getting bored.[says in weird way]

FREDDIE:[makes mad face]

SAM & FREDDIE:[arm wrestle]

FREDDIE:ha,thats as long as its ever taken you to beat me!


CARLY:i know you love brad![shakes sam's arm]

SAM:I DO NOT LOVE BRAD![makes mad face]

CARLY:admit you love him.

SAM:OK.i'll admit i love ham.

CARLY:you can't kiss and snuggle with ham!

SAM:[snuggles with ham] he ha oh ham.

FREDDIE:i know its hard to let your feelings out you gotta just let it out but

SAM[kisses freddie]

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